The British Guards regiments

Published on 18 July 2023 at 16:19

The British Guards regiments are renowned for their rich history and esteemed service to the Crown. Each regiment, including the Grenadiers, Coldstream, Irish, Welsh, and Scots Guards, possesses a distinctive uniform that embodies their unique traditions and heritage. Join us as we explore the fascinating differences in uniforms among these esteemed regiments and celebrate the diversity within the British Guards.

Grenadiers: Majestic in Red

The Grenadier Guards, the oldest regiment of the British Army, don a resplendent scarlet tunic and tall bearskin hat. These iconic red uniforms, adorned with golden buttons and white plumes, symbolize the grandeur and majesty of the Grenadiers. Their impressive appearance reflects their historical role as elite infantrymen, renowned for their bravery and discipline.

Coldstream: Timeless Elegance

The Coldstream Guards' uniform showcases a timeless elegance in its simple yet distinguished style. With their red tunics, black buttons, and distinctive black bearskin caps, the Coldstream Guards exemplify understated sophistication. This regiment, tracing its origins back to the English Civil War, has a reputation for steadfastness and loyalty.

Irish: Emerald Pride

The Irish Guards don a distinctive uniform that pays tribute to their Irish heritage. Their scarlet tunics bear collars and cuffs in a vibrant shamrock green, symbolizing their connection to the Emerald Isle. The Irish Guards' plumed bearskin caps, adorned with a St. Patrick's blue plume, further emphasize their unique identity within the Guards regiments.

Welsh: Dragon's Splendor

The Welsh Guards' uniform proudly displays the proud heritage of Wales. Their scarlet tunics feature leek green accents, paying homage to the national symbol of Wales. The Welsh Guards' headdress, a tall black bearskin cap with a white hackle, stands out as a distinctive element that distinguishes them from their counterparts. Their uniform captures the spirit and traditions of Wales with pride.

Scots: Highland Majesty

The Scots Guards' uniform draws inspiration from the proud Scottish traditions and Highland heritage. Their tunic, known as the "tartan trews," features the distinctive Royal Stewart tartan, representing their affiliation with the Royal Family. The bearskin cap, adorned with a black plume, adds a regal touch to their attire. The Scots Guards embody the warrior spirit and fierce loyalty associated with the Scottish clans.

Celebrating Diversity, United in Service

While each Guards regiment boasts its unique uniform, they all share a common bond of duty, honor, and dedication to the Crown. These distinct uniforms reflect the pride and traditions of their respective regiments, underscoring the diversity and richness within the British Guards.


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